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How often do errors cause your users to contact support?

Or abandon a task? Either action reduces your lifetime customer value. We want you to recover that value.

A/B Test Errors

Create a version that reduces abandoned tasks and customer support touches. Test new doc links, actionable copy, or a friendlier tone.

Prioritize for Results

Quickly identify which errors cost you the most, to make the most immediate impact.

Replay a User’s Session

Need to know how a user caused an error, or when exactly they abandoned your feature? Replay their session to see exactly how it went down.

Emergency Alerts

We’ll identify new problematic or trending errors causing customers pain. So you can fix them before their costs get out of hand.

Get Started in Minutes

You can begin tracking important data by simply pasting our JavaScript snippet onto the pages users might encounter an error.

Enhance Tools You Use

If an error is a bug, facilitate improvements with our GitHub integration. Or assign writing new docs for a message in Trello.

Find opportunities to save money and improve customer happiness

In this real world example, would alert you to:

  • Odd behavior from displaying an empty error message
  • Customer confusion from multiple rapid failures

Then your team can view the user’s session, to see just what the customer is experiencing, if they haven’t contacted support already!

Let’s stop this error from causing customer support tickets

With replaying the user's session, and checking the error logs in Bystander, your team rapidly identifies the user is working with an expired session.

Let's use this opportunity to:

  • Inform the user their session has expired
  • Force them to re-authenticate
  • Provide a link to docs in, case the user wants to know why

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  • 5 team members
  • 500 error sessionssessions recorded/month
  • 60 day history
  • a/b test error messages
  • live chat support



  • 20 team members
  • 7,000 error sessionssessions recorded/month
  • 90 day history
  • a/b test error messages
  • live chat support



  • 50 team members
  • 20,000 error sessionssessions recorded/month
  • 90 day history
  • a/b test error messages
  • phone + live chat support

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Meet the founder

Matthew Odette

Now the founder of Bystander, most recently a Senior Engineer in support. He has a strange obsession with user facing errors, loves customer happiness, and likes snow.

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